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When Motorola announced the Moto E, it got pretty much confirmed at that same moment that the phone is going to be an instant hit. After all, no other phone offers similar specs in Moto E’s price range. But specs can often be deceptive. Let’s see what the major tech sites have to say about the phone.


Engadget: Where very good meets very cheap

“There’s no two ways about it — the Moto E is exciting, if not in the way most mobile buffs would like. You really shouldn’t underestimate the sort of world-shaking power that can come from making something that’s both very good and very cheap. So what if the spec sheet is a bit passé? For all its minor shortcomings, the Moto E still represents a level of power and quality that’s become even more accessible to people the world over, and that’s something worth celebrating. If all you need is a smartphone that can take you to Facebook, capture fodder for Instagram or fire off missives on Twitter (or WhatsApp or Weibo), the Moto E will make a worthy sidekick. Not every important device has to be a flashy flagship.”


The Verge: The Moto E is shockingly cheap and surprisingly good

“To back up its speed claims, Motorola has run comparisons between the Moto E and Samsung’s flagship phone for 2013, the Galaxy S4. Moto’s numbers show the newer handset is about a second quicker to answer calls or launch the browser and a whole 1.7 seconds faster in launching the camera app. My own experience with the Moto E’s camera affirmed that it works very swiftly, although the pictures themselves are terrible. Still, speed kills, and the victims here are Motorola’s competition, who can’t offer anything comparable for the price.”


CNET: A dirt-cheap Android KitKat phone for the basics only

“The Motorola Moto E is unquestionably cheap and has a set of specs that makes it more than capable of handling your basic everyday tasks. Its price, however, isn’t much lower than the Moto G, which has a better camera, more powerful processor, improved screen and longer battery life.”



“It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be – mainly because the Moto E is most impressive for its rich value. Value, it’s something that’s prized to the folks who don’t want to shell out a ton of money to experience the advantages of a smartphone. Not only does it suffice for being a daily driver to almost anyone, but it’s also a fantastic backup smartphone too! Quite simply, it shows that a lot of love can still be experienced in something so cost-conscious – and without coming off a cheap or tacky!”


In short, most of the reviewers have praised the specs that the phone offers for the rather cheap price tag. It’s fast and zippy and gets the job done like it should. However, most reviews have also noted the rather poor camera performance. But then, that’s no better than what the competition at this budget offers. If Moto E isn’t for you, consider Moto G, that offers the best value for money according to most tech pundits.