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moto g

Amazon has managed to score another major victory against Flipkart in India and has successfully brought two of Flipkart’s most successful phones to its portal. We’re talking about the third generation Moto G and Moto G Turbo, both of which have ended their exclusivity on Flipkart and are now available on Amazon India. It’s a major victory for Amazon, since Motorola has been one of the most successful smartphone brands in India in the last few years (third with Lenovo numbers combined, according to the most recent market report), and the Moto G and has played no small part in that success story.

Both the phones are priced under $200 mark, which sees the highest volume movement in the Indian smartphone market. Even after several months post launch, Motorola has managed to keep users engaged in these models by offering a discount of Rs 2,000 on each on the original price tag. Also, with Android 6.0 and features such as 2GB RAM and waterproof body, these phones have managed to stay ahead of the curve, despite recent launches from other players such as Samsung and Xiaomi. Moto G has been a successful brand in India for the last two years and  with its availability on Amazon it could help the e-commerce giant cement its position in the Indian market, which is still dominated by Flipkart.

Interestingly, neither of the two phones have gone on sale on Snapdeal, which is another major player besides Flipkart and Amazon in India. It is also worth noting that the recently launched Moto X Force has also been made available on Amazon, while the Moto E has been available on the website for a while now. The move seems to be a part of Motorola’s strategy to expand in the Indian market and move beyond offering its products solely on Flipkart to attract a larger user base.