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Moto X to get Android 4.4 update

It seems that the folks at Motorola have decided that it’s finally time to set the ball in motion. After announcing the ultra affordable Moto G for $179, Motorola has also made the announcement at the same event that it would be bringing Android 4.4 to its hero phone, the Moto X. Currently, Moto X runs on a no frills version of Android 4.2, which disappointed a lot of users, since after acquisition by Google, everyone (or most of us) was expecting the phone to come with Android 4.3. But the phone would be skipping that version altogether now. Meanwhile, Moto G that was announced today, would be getting the update in early 2014.

The way we see it, it seems like the effect of Google’s acquisition of the company is finally starting to show. Moto X was a good product, but Moto G could be the game changer for the company. That combined with Android 4.4 update to this year’s Droid family as well as these two phones, should only help in building consumer confidence in the company’s products.