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moto x

Not so long ago, Motorola touted the ‘Made in US’ tag on the Moto X. However, things changed and the company’s ownership changed from a US based company to a China based manufacturer. Now, the company is closing its assembly plant in Texas, where the Moto X was being manufactured since last year.

The plant allowed Motorola to deliver user customizable orders (Moto Maker)  in the US within four days, something that would have been impossible with a factory, say in China. Motorola cited immense competition and high costs as the reasons for shutting down the factory that employed close to 700 workers. The factory was shipping close to 100,000 units of the Moto X per week and had the capacity to scale up to  millions, had that sort of demand ever risen. The rather disappointing demand of the Moto X in the US is surprising, given that it’s a very capable phone and is seemingly doing well in markets like India.

With the closure of the factory Motorola is likely to shift its manufacturing base to China, the homeland of Lenovo. Although, Moto Maker shall continue to remain available for the US consumers.