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apple ois technology

We’re perfectly aware that the camera on the iPhone 5s is no slacker, it’s just that the competition has better things to offer now. But Apple isn’t sitting idle in the meantime and plans to challenge the others in the next generation of iPhone (although, it might be months away for now). According to the recent patent filing, Apple is looking to incorporate some kind of image stabilization in its camera module.

The technology in action here is called the “VCM OIS actuator module” and not only does it remove blurriness, but also improves the autofocus speed. What’s more the lens and the image sensor are attached to one another, making the manufacturing process simple. Apparently, Apple has been working on the tech since 2012, so the final product (whenever it hits the market) might actually show some good results.

It’s not know what sensor Apple would be using in the next iPhone, but we’re expecting a major upgrade this time around due to the increasing pressure from the competitors.

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