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This is indeed a sad day for all the Nokia loyalists from one the company’s biggest markets. Turns out, the new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 aren’t coming to India in January after all, as stated by Nokia earlier. Confirmed by sources over at BGR India and Nokia customer care, the only Windows phone slated for release in the last two months of  2012 was the Lumia 510 which is already out. Nokia said that there was an error in the press release that included India in the list of countries slated for January launch of its WP8 devices.



The reason given by Nokia for the delay is extensive carrier testing in the country, so that the final build may not have any bugs and issues. But seeing that Lumia 900 was released almost six months after getting released in USA, this doesn’t come in as much of a surprise. Nokia has been focusing more on US and EU and even China lately, as they are the biggest markets for smartphones, which contribute most to the balance sheets of the phone manufacturers. India on the other hand,  is still relatively a small market for the premium phones.

This doesn’t seem like a smart move for a company whose market share is eroding at an alarming rate to ignore the markets where it still has some foothold. For those of us wanting to get Pureview goodness on our phones, there seems to be no other option but to wait two more months. However, you can still get WP8 on HTC 8X or 8S, which seem to be just as good as the Lumia series.