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We’ve heard quite many rumors about Nokia working on a new Windows Phone codenamed ‘EOS’. Well according to The Guardian that device may well turn out to be the 41 megapixel Windows Phone we’ve all been waiting for since the announcement of Nokia 808 Pureview. It is expected that Nokia will first unveil the phone in Barcelona on 26th February during the Mobile World Congress.

nokia pureview eos 41mp

Not that the camera quality on the Lumia 920 was bad, but it skipped on the 41 megapixel monstrosity that Nokia amazed us with last year. Nokia has time and again stressed on the fact that Pureview is a technology and not just the 41 MP camera. The Lumia 920 which also featured the Pureview tech offering excellent image stabilization and low light photography.

If Nokia could combine the features of the Pureview 808 and the Lumia 920 into a single phone, we suggest you hold that purchase of the Lumia 920. It would undoubtedly be the best camera on a phone to date (unless the Galaxy SIV and the HTC M7 have some really neat tricks up their sleeves). Also it would be interesting to see what other specs Nokia decide to put in this phone. The Pureview 808 required another processor all together just for the image processing and it remains to be seen whether Nokia would go the same route with this one. We can pretty much expect a HD screen and Qualcomm S4 Pro processor (maybe with Adreno 320) inside.

It might be though that unlike Apple, Nokia might not bring the phone out until a few months after the announcement. It will also give the Lumia 920 a selling chance after all those supply constrain issues last quarter. And seeing that the Lumia 920 is on the top sellers chart on many online retailers’ list all over the world we don’t see why Nokia would be in a hurry to get ‘EOS’ out so early.