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nokia x

Even though Microsoft has dropped support for the Android powered Nokia X series, the original trio hasn’t been completely forgotten and is in the process of receiving an update. Not the software platform 2.0 that is found on the newer Nokia X2, but a few features from that have been ported nonetheless.

The update brings new app switcher to Nokia X, X+ and XL. Users can switch between apps by swiping down on the screen to bring the notification center area. The update also adds more Microsoft services on to the phone including Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote being integrated into the phone. Users will now be able to login to multiple Outlook accounts and have up to 500 OneNotes synced with the phone. The new Nokia Store is also part of the package.

You can check for the update on your phone by hitting Go to Settings > About phone > System updates > Check now. Do let us know if you find anything else.