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huawei kiring 920

It seems like we might see the Snapdragon 801 soon being replaced as the flagship chipset in processor in smartphones and tablets. After we saw the Tegra K1 annihilate the competition yesterday, today we have Huawei’s in house octa-core Kirin 920 beating the Snapdragon 801.

The chipset clocked 37,363 points on the benchmarking tool, which is over a thousand points more than what the Snapdragon 801 could manage. According to reports, the chipset is capable of delivering 2K output with its Mali-628MP4 GPU and dual channel DDR3 memory support. It can even support cameras with resolutions up to 32 megapixels.

Although, the processor falls short of the Snapdragon 805 and the Tegra K1, which of course is the new indisputable leader, for now, that is. We might see the new processor from Huawei in it’s upcoming flagship phones.

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