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tegra k1

While 2013 was the year that was mostly dominated by Qualcomm, NVIDIA is still very much in the race. The company just revealed its next generation Tegra K1 processor which we hope will bring better fortunes for the company. The next generation Tegra K1 comes packed 192 CUDA cores and with be available in two configurations.First of these will be the quad core configuration with four 2.3GHz Cortex A15 cores along with a shadow fifth Cortex A15 to save on the power consumption. The other configuration will be dual core 2.5GHz Denver (64-bit) configuration to take on the likes of Apple A7.

The most striking part about the new chip is its GPU. The new DirextX11 powered GPU is so powerful, that it even supports Unreal Engine 4 and OpenGL 4.4. NVIDIA claims that the Kepler GPU in Tegra K1 is 1.5 times more efficient than the likes of Adreno 330 or the PowerVR G6430 found in A7.

NVIDIA expects devices with the quad core version to be available in the first half of the year, while the 64-bit version should be seen on devices in the second half.