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Not to be confused with the Google smartwatch that this article talk's about, this is the Pebble smartwatch which is already available in the market.

It all started with a fundraiser campaign on the internet for an idea that clicked with the people. An year later, Pebble has sold close to 400,000 smartwatches. Estimates put the company’s revenue at around $60 million. That’s better than what many companies (including Samsung) have been able to achieve with their smartwatches. And not even accounting for the recently launched high end Pebble Steel.

The company expects to double in the next year and with things like a Pebble Store with 1,000 Pebble apps available and 12,000 registered developers, we don’t see why it’s not possible. The 70 employee company is bursting with growth. Although things might not be the same in 2014 with the recently announced Android Wear and products like the Motorola 360. However, if Pebble can play it smart, we don’t see why Google and its alliance partners shouldn’t see it as a force to reckon with.