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PlayStation 4 hitting the local stores in the US on 15th January for $399

Sony’s dream run with the PlayStation 4 doesn’t seem like it’ll be ending anytime soon. After reaching the 6 million sales mark earlier this month, the console sales have now breached the 7 million mark. That doesn’t go without saying that most of these sales are coming at the expense of the Xbox One. In fact, in the week ended March 28th, PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by a staggering 7:1 ratio in PAL markets, mostly across Europe. it is estimated that the PS4 shipped 180,000 units in the PAL regions last week, while the Xbox One could only manage to sell 25,000 units.

Also, Infamous: Second Son, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, has also breached the 1 million in sales mark. With things like Project Morpheus for the console in the future, seems like Microsoft will have to do more than just Titanfall to give its console a fighting chance, which seems to be on the back foot for now.