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Rhino Shield iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Screen Protector (£19.99 – Sold by

Is it too good to be true? The iPhone screen that can survive being hit with a hammer or a drop to a concrete floor.

Rhino Shield was a successful Kickstarter Project, thanks to the fascinating drop test video that accompanied the fundraising campaign.

In the video, the creators bash on Rhino Shield-equipped iPhones (one of several smartphones and tablets the screen protector supports) with dangerous objects such as a knife, a hammer, a cup full of nails and a 255 gram steel ball. Rhino Shield handily withstood every test.

The Rhino Shield works as a bit of a rival to Gorilla Glass, the existing sheet glass used for most portable devices. In the group’s Kickstarter video, Wang drops a half-pound ball bearing on two iPhones — one with the standard Gorilla Glass 2, the other with the additional Rhino Shield. The ball shatters the Gorilla Glass (from a height of 3.5 inches), but is deflected by the Rhino Shield (from 18 inches high.)




  • The transparent Rhino Shield protector is as thick as three sheets of paper
  • It can absorb up to five times the impact energy than current Gorilla Glass
  • The sheet was undamaged even after being dropped on bricks and tarmac
  • Rhino Shield does not affect a phone’s touchscreen sensitivity

Evolutive Labs has promised protective products in the past and delivered with its original Rhino Protective Shield, however it’s next endeavor looks as though it may deliver again with the Crash Guard. The New Kickstarter Project which they have is “The Rhinoshield Crash Guard” which is a new case that’s being pitched as a “slim profile bumper case that provides amazing drop protection for the iPhone5/5S/5C, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Protection that does NOT compromise on the original design.” The case’s Kickstarter fundraiser has already exceeded its original goal of £6,000 and has now raised more than £100,000. It has 17 days remaining, and has already racked up an impressive 3,844 backers.

Rhino Shield iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Screen Protector (£19.99 – Sold by


  • Slim profile bumper is only 2.5mm thick
  • Allows for the device to be seen and not wrapped up in a bulky case, the way Steve intended
  • Super-lightweight (weighs 12 grams, less than half an OUNCE!)
  • Ultra-high impact absorbing properties, with no visible damage to the device following drop tests of over 20 feet or 7 meters
  • Hard and soft construction with a matte texture for ease of grip
  • Available in attractive fashion colors including pink, purple, black, white, orange and teal
  • Compatible with third-party headphones (including Beats by Dr. Dre) and lighting cable
  • Design of bumper allows for easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Powered by Egg Drop Technology
  • Available for the iPhone 5/5S/5C, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Sure, that looks well and good, but will it survive a dramatic fall?