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 iPhone 5S photos leaked once again

We are still not very clear if Apple’s new machine will be called iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, but one of the new upcoming tech blogs ( Fanatic Fone ) has just released images for the so called iPhone 5S.  You will find below some of the display images and LCD screen assembly for the new iPhone 5S.

leaked 3iPhone 5S images leaked




Fanatic Fone:

“When you first take a look at the front of these two digitizers and LCD screen assemblies, you won’t find any difference except the length of the flex cable. The dimensions of these two screens are exactly the same, and even the distance between the edge of the phone and display is the same. We know this might disappoint many Apple fans, but we are sad to say that you’d better not expect too much improvement in the iPhone 5S screen compared to the iPhone 5. The flex cable of the iPhone 5S is much longer than the iPhone 5, which indicates that the inner components of the iPhone 5S do indeed have some differences compared to the earlier model.”

They also claim:

“After taking a look at the back of these two screens, we can see some small differences on the top and bottom of the screens. The front housing of iPhone 5S is thicker on the top compared with the iPhone 5. And for the bottom part, the screw hole of the iPhone 5S is a little bit bigger than the one on the iPhone 5.”

Fanatic Fone confirms that they will also have a video uploaded soon comparing both models.

So What about the new iPhone 6 which big Tech sites claimed will be available later this year?

Gotta Be Mobile published a new concept which came from ADR-STUDIO, which takes a page from the design principle by Apple and analysts confirm that the showcase will feature the same template for the iPhone 5s.

Gotta Be Mobile: “offers a stunning look for the iPhone 6 that keeps the chamfered edge of the iPhone 5, but pairs it with a larger 4.3-inch edge-to-edge display that doesn’t appear to increase the overall size of the iPhone.”

The iPhone 6 relies on the Jony Ive-redesigned iOS leaked27 for most of its killer features, which will draw its might from an A7 processing chip – expected to spin away on task with quad-core speed.

iPhone 6 Concept seems to be more likely to show up this year, which provides the strongest clue on how the new Apple Power House will look and feature on its purported Release Date next year.





(Photo: ADR-Studios-GBM )

iPad Mini 2 with Retina display or Not?

Reports claim that the new iPad will feature thinner body but not with a Retina display. It is quite shocking to know that the next iPad mini to hit the streets may well be a version without a retina display

Full Signal claims:

“This modestly tweaked iPad mini, which will run the same 1024 x 768 resolution as its forebear, is expected to drop in the fall, and the device is likely to feature Apple’s A6X chip and a thinner form factor, as well as an update to the company’s recently refreshed platform, iOS 7 – and the device may even be upgraded to feature an 8-megapixel primary camera.”

It is near enough clear that the new iPad Mini 2 will be release later this year but it is not very clear if the new features are worth waiting-for!

Lastly iPad 5, will it be released at all this year?

PC Advisor: “Following the announcement of iOS 7, it’s fairly easy to come to the conclusion that Apple will launch the iPad 5 in autumn 2013. The company released the iPad 4 back in November 2012, having unveiled it in October. Given that the design was already two-generations old, we can’t imagine Apple will wait any longer than a year to launch the next iPad.”

iPad 5 specs

“Rumoured iPad 5 specs are pretty thin on the ground right now. The general consensus is that it will adopt a design similar to the iPad mini, and that it will be anything up to a third lighter and thinner than the iPad 4. That would make it around 500g and roughly 7mm thick (the same as the iPad mini’s thickness).

One way this could be achieved is by using thinner glass (some reports suggest 0.2mm) while others say Apple could use smaller or fewer LED backlights. This could also enable the use of a smaller, thinner battery without compromising on battery life. Another trick, as used in the iPad mini, is that the LCD screen is laminated to the glass reducing thickness and also reducing glare/reflections and improving quality.”

Source: PC Advisor