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It seems that most of the ARM based chip manufacturers (the big ones anyways) took the opportunity at CES and announced their latest SoC offering that will power smartphones of the future.


After Nvidia and Qualcomm it was Samsung’s turn to announce something big (and LITTLE). And if you cont the number of cores it is indeed big. Based on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, the chipset will house 8 cores. The processor will have four Cortex A15 core for the heavy duty work while there will be another four Cortex A7 cores to run the daily chores and not necessarily kill the battery.

Samsung claims up to 70% savings on the battery while delivering a whole new level performance that will allow smartphones and tablets to run intensive 3D games seamlessly. We can expect this chip to be inside the Galaxy S IV and perhaps Note 3 too but all that  remains to be seen.