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galaxy note iii

If it’s a Samsung, it will most definitely sell. On the lines of this mantra, the Samsung Galaxy Note III, which debuted 2 months back has unsurprisingly become a hit and the sales in the past two months have surpassed 10 million units. That is almost half the time its predecessor took to achieve the same feat, while it also managed to come close to the sales pace of the Galaxy S4, which reached the magical number in 50 days.

The phone was launched on September 25th and is available in 58 countries worldwide. Samsung points out that the phone is particularly popular in China, where the S Pen has been well received by the consumers. Although, the progress is hardly surprising given that the sales of earlier phones in the series had crossed the 38 million mark back in September. With the competition stiffer that ever before, Samsung has managed to prove that its hardware and software offerings are unmatched.

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