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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III won't get the true octa-core update on Exynos versions

Last we reported, it was believed that Samsung would be bringing true octa core processing to its current line-up of smartphones powered by the Exynos 5 processor, including the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note III. Turns out, that’s not happening anymore and that has been confirmed by none other than Samsung.

Samsung’s senior technical expert, Oleg Artamonov has confirmed that current Exynos 5 chipset won’t be getting the update, since the heat dissipation and power consumption on current chips would change, which could have a negative impact on the usage of the device. This means that although it is possible, Samsung has decided not to go forward with the update for reasons mentioned above. Instead, Samsung would be designing new chipset altogether, that will run on all 8 cores simultaneously from the start. This means the first true octa core phone from Samsung could be the Galaxy S5, which should be released sometime in March next year.

Oleg also confirmed that the older devices would be getting the Android 4.3 update this fall.