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With around half an year having passed since the launch of Galaxy S4, rumors about its successor have started to spring up. A new one coming DDaily, a Korean website claims that the Galaxy S5 would come packing next generation Exynos 6 processor. What is special about this processor you may ask? Well, according to the source, the processor would come with a 64-bit architecture, similar to Apple’s A7. It would also be Samsung’s first true octa core processor and come in big.LITTLE setup, sporting Cortex A57/A53 cores. This would be a big leap from the current Cortex A15 and bring in huge performance and power gains.

However, there are a few loopholes to the story. First, the processor is said to be fabricated on 14nm process. This would be quite a jump from the current 28nm technology used in the manufacturing of Exynos 5. Samsung was expected to shift to 20nm for the next round. Also, with earlier rumors talking about a January announcement for the phone, it leaves Samsung very little time to mass produce these chips.

All of this is rumor for now of course, and a salt shaker close by wouldn’t hurt.

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