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samsung galaxy s6

With the imminent launch of Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung has cut the price of its last year’s flagship, the Galaxy S6. The phone, which was earlier retailing for Rs 37,000 can now be picked for Rs 34,000 for the 32GB version on major e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon. Not two weeks back, Samsung had also reduced the price of the Galaxy S6 Edge by Rs 4,000 and the phone can now be picked for Rs 41,000 for the 32GB variant.

Unlike the last few times, Samsung hasn’t deeply discounted the phone in this price cut. We reckon this move has more to do with maintaining its premium brand image. While the fierce competition has made it tough for the year old champion to still drive huge sales, deep discounting often hurts in the long run, with people staying away from the phone and the brand due to the rapidly decreasing asset value.

At Rs 34,000, the Galaxy S6 still has enough oomph and can compete with the likes of the LG G4 and the iPhone 6. Samsung has seen a lower than usual response for the Galaxy S6, given the battery size and non expandable memory. We’re expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S7 in the coming weeks and you can expect a further cut post the launch of 2016’s flagship. However, even at this price, the phone looks like a good deal.