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Samsung planning to use UHD displays, in house processors in its future smartphones

If you thought 1080p displays on 5 inch screens was an overkill, Samsung is planning to make you reconsider. The news comes from Samsung’s conference call, where the company’s future plans were revealed.

Apparently, Samsung wants to pack more pixels per inch on its future phones and is eyeing WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) resolution on 5.25 inch displays for an eye popping 525ppi pixel density. These displays will be RGB AMOLEDs and would be succeeded by 4K displays in 2015. So that should make that current flagship in your pocket mediocre at best by next year.

Samsung doesn’t want to stop there and plans to churn out 64-bit processors based on ARM architecture next year. This is obviously the company’s answer to Apple’s A7 chipset. From thereon, Samsung would bid farewell to the ARM design and start manufacturing its own 64-bit hardware.

Of course, these changes wouldn’t be sudden and start trickling down into the Samsung phones gradually (starting from the Galaxy S5, we’re assuming). But at this pace, it is really hard to predict what can we expect from phones three or four years into the future.