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samsung benchmark rigging allegations

Samsung has been notorious on more than one occasion in the past and has been caught rigging benchmark scores for most of its phones. Well, it seems like the company wants to follow the path of sincerity and honesty going forward instead. Arstechnica reports that Samsung has removed the code that boosted the CPU and GPU performance in most of the benchmarking tools in the Android 4.4 update available for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung’s code made the CPU and GPU run at 100 percent load when certain benchmarking apps were run on the phone. This was considered cheating, since most of the apps never see the CPU and GPU running at 100 percent load and hence, the phone never reaches that level of performance in real life usage.

The move is a welcome one for a company that sells the most number of smartphones on the planet. We’re pretty sure benchmark numbers don’t really have that big an impact in buyer’s purchasing decisions. We only hope other manufacturers¬†that are involved in this unfair practice will learn and follow suit.