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canalys smartwatch sales report

Smartwatches are definitely selling and the growing manufacturer interest only proves that. According to report by Canalys, the first quarter belonged to the early birds, with Pebble being the largest player in the market.

Reportedly, 2.7 million wearables were shipped in the first quarter of 2014. Fitbit was the top player with 50 percent market share, dominating the basic fitness bands market segment. Nike saw decline in sales on Fuelband, with its share¬†dropping to just 10 percent. We’ve heard reports that Nike might altogether cancel the product and focus on the software side instead.

Among smart bands, Pebble was the top player, with a market share of 35 percent. We assume that was thanks to its attractive and decent looking offerings, unlike other manufacturers.

Interestingly, Sony was the second biggest player ahead of Samsung with 29 percent market share. That’s almost 6 percentage points more than Samsung, even when the latter’s products are the ones that are always in the limelight.

Overall, Canalys expects the market trends to keep changing throughout the year, given that many players wold be entering the market in the second half.

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