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Now that we have the first official device with Tegra K1 clocking inside, we can do some real benchmark test. Xaomi’s Mi Pad has become the first tablet to come with the new NVIDIA processor and from early benchmark numbers, it blows the Snapdragon 801 out of water.

Mi Pad comes with a Tegra K1 with four Cortex-A15 cores clocked at 2.3GHz and 192-core NVIDIA GPU. That’s enough to be the best in the market currently, with nothing coming close. The processor was faster and better than the Snapdragon 801 in every single test, including those of the CPU and GPU.

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Enough to say that not only does the Tegra K1 beat the Snapdragon 801, it beats it by a long mile. Hopefully, unlike the Tegra 4, we’ll get to see the Tegra K1 in more devices. You can check the full report wit comparison to the Tegra 4 and more benchmark tests at the source link below.