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It isn’t exactly a secret that mobile processing power is growing exponentially and yesterday’s top dog is today’s average performer. NVIDIA has proven the same with its Tegra K1 chipset with a 192 core GPU that leaves everything behind in a trail of dust. In fact, the GPU comes close in performance to that of cards found in PCs.

3d futuremark tegra k1

Based on Kepler architecture that is found in desktop GPUs, the Tegra K1 emerges as a winner with over 25 percent lead over current market leaders like the Adreno 330. Given that the Tegra K1 also has a 64-bit version clocked at a higher frequency (which we assume wasn’t the one present in the Lenovo ThinkVision 28 test subject) and it isn’t the final build, we might expect even better results in the future.

tegra k1 gfxbench

On GFXBench, the GPU offers more than double the frame rates posted by the A7 and Adreno 330. It actually manages to beat the Intel graphics 4400, which is no slacker by itself. What does that imply you may ask? Console like visuals on your phone of course.

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