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tegra k1

The Tegra K1 is coming and this time Qualcomm will have some very difficult numbers to match. NVIDIA’s 64-bit processor has appeared on the AnTuTu benchmarks and it beats everything, including the Snapdragon 801 on the Galaxy S5, as well as the upcoming Snapdragon 805.

tegra k1 antutu

The dual core version of the Tegra K1 managed to score an astounding 43,617 points on the benchmark, while the quad core version registered 43,851 points. The latest Snapdragon 801 on the other hand manages rake up 36,500 points, while the upcoming Snapdragon 805 also doesn’t come near the Tegra K1 with its score of 37,800 points.

AnTuTu also reveals that the chipset can go all the way up to 3GHz and not just 2.5GHz, as stated by NVIDIA earlier. Now, only if the company could get the chip on smartphones and tablets as soon as possible, we might see Qualcomm’s dominance shaking up a bit.

tegra k1 antutu performance

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