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vine windows phone

It was July when Nokia broke the news that the popular video sharing app Vine would be making an appearance on Windows Phone soon. It took the app more than three months to make the official entry, but it is finally here. Vine is now available on Windows Phone Store for us commoners to use.

For those who’re still unaware of the app, Vine allows users to create short video clips (clips lengths of 7 seconds in the camera roll to be precise) and share them on the social platform for everybody to see. The app is similar to the iOS and Android version, but does add a feature or two. For instance, Vine allows users to pin their favorite accounts to their Home Screen for quick access.

The app should go live in the Store anytime now. Just so that you know, third party alternatives like 6tag have been available in the Windows Phone Store for quite some time now, but then there’s a special charm to using the official thing. Also, we hope it doesn’t take this long for other companies to bring their apps to the platform that have already been announced (Instagram and Temple Run 2 among others).