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windows phone 8.1

While the Windows Phone 8.1 update is yet to hit majority of Windows Phone handsets, Microsoft is reportedly giving  the final touches first major update for the OS. According to Neowin, Update 1 is nearing completion by the Consumer Experience (CXE) team and they will be shipping the updated OS to manufacturers by as early as next week. This would be followed by rigorous testing on different smartphones and carriers before the update is pushed out to the general public.

Previously called General Distribution Updates, these are smaller updates to the Windows Phone platform to keep it at par with Android and iOS. A lot has changed since Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 and the Update 1 is the first of the three updates that are expected to hit Windows Phone 8.1. It is expected that Update 1 could bring features like folders on the Start Screen that would allow similar apps to be grouped in a single tile. The update could also bring in support for new hardware. Another major update supposedly called Update 2 is expected to hit WP8.1 before the end of this year, followed by a third one next year. This would be followed by Windows 9 “Threshold” that would bring the mobile OS and its desktop counterpart closer than ever.

However, unlike the GDR updates for Windows Phone 8, users registered to the developer preview program should be able to get a first hand experience of these updates really soon.