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smartphone os race

We must admit there’s so much going around with Windows Phone in the past few days that most of the posts are concerned about Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Well, this one’s no different. Kantar Worldpanel has released data for the three months ending October and the stride of Windows Phone only seems to be getting bigger.

The OS has finally managed to cross the 10 percent threshold in the top 5 European markets, with an overall share of 10.2 percent. The growth comes from regions like Italy and France, where Windows Phone now holds 16.1 and 12.1 percent market share respectively. Even in Spain, the OS is giving close competition to the iPhone, with both the platforms being neck to neck in the region. In the US, Windows Phone seems to be getting closer to the 5 percent mark. However, Microsoft needs to rethink its strategy as far as China is concerned.

Apple’s launch of iPhone 5c and 5s helped it take away 76.1% of the total sales in Japan and 52.8% of sales in USA. However, compared to the same period last year, Apple lost a good 5 percentage points in EU5 countries. The company lost market share in China aswell, which as we know is the hub for cheap Android phones. It is interesting to note that in GB, iPhone 5s outsold the cheaper 5c by a margin of 3-1.

Lastly, Android grew on every continent except Australia. The OS is above the 70 percent mark in EU5 and China, while it is also doing good in the US. With holiday season, it will be interesting to see what direction is the market headed for in Q4, and while the sales of Windows Phone were a third of Apple’s iPhone in Q3, we might see the gap closing in faster than expected.

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