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windows phone store

Windows Phone has been panned time and again for the lack of apps compared to iOS and Android. That’s true, but it’s not like we’re not seeing any progress on that front. In fact, according to a report from Australia, the Windows Phone Store has just surpassed 255,000 apps. That’s an addition of 55,000 more apps since January, when the Store crossed the 200,000 app milestone mark.

Windows Phone Store is seeing close to 500 new app additions a day and close to 10 million downloads every day. The platform has close to half  a million registered developers. We’ve seen some quality additions like Facebook Messenger, Badlands and Pinterest recently. However, when compared to Google Play Store and Apple App Store, both of which have over million apps each, the number is really small. Even among the high profile apps that have managed to show up on Windows Phone, the lack of timely updates to keep them at par with their iOS and Android counterparts has been a downer. Also, most of those quarter million apps are junk low quality apps. But then, even Play Store and App Store suffer from the same issue.

With BlackBerry getting the Amazon Appstore in BB10.3 update, that has close to 240,000 apps alone, the number becomes all the more important, since BlackBerry cannot be completely ruled out of the smartphone race just yet. We’re hoping the number to only swell in the future and with some really demanded apps like Quizup or Candy Crush.

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